Terong Lado Mudo (Eggplant with Minangnese Green Chili Sambal)

If you ever went to a Padang Restaurant you must know sambal lado’s just so good eaten with boiled daun singkong (cassava leaves) but too bad I couldn’t find cassava leaves here so I just make do with eggplant instead 🙂

Terong Lado Mudo

For 4 persons

– 2 eggplant, sliced
– 10 green chili, steamed
– 6 shallots, coarsely pound
– 1 green tomato, steamed (I couldn’t find this so just used normal small tomato)
– 4 tbs teri medan (tiny silver anchovy), deep fried until crispy
– Salt
– Oil

– Coarsely pound the steamed chili and tomato.
– Fry shallot in little bit of oil until fragrant.
– Add chili and tomato.
– Add teri medan and salt, adjust the taste.
– Continue cooking until done.
– Fry eggplant with little bit of oil until done or alternatively you could also grill it.
– Serve warm with steamed white rice.

Source: Herti Kitchen Gallery

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