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Yesterday, we invited Peter’s uncle and parents for dinner at our place. Request from Peter was that the main menu is Rendang, so I thought it would be nice to make other menus that matched rendang. At first I was confused what to match with Rendang, even asked Sefa and Deetha for advice (thanks ya). In the end I decided to make; martabak telor and cucumber pickle as appetizer, white rice, rendang and gulai daun singkong as main course, and sarikayo ketan as dessert.

The gulai daun singkong is actually a fake daun singkong (cassava leaves). I found out first at Mbak Retno that we can replace that with kale or boerenkol as we call it in Dutch. I have to say, it did taste the same….Sorry there’s no recipe I can share as I used instant gulai spices.

For sarikayo ketan, it was the first time I made it and it turned out beautifully, they all liked it. Thank you Sefa for sharing the recipe 🙂

Sarikayo Ketan

Serves 6

– 1 cup Indonesian palm sugar
– 1 cup eggs
– 1 cup coconut milk
– pinch of fennel (I used 2 blocks fennel sugar with de ruijter anijsblokjes)
– 4 tbs water
– pandan leaves, as needed

– Mix palm sugar and water in a pan, add pandan leaves, cook until sugar is dissolved.
– Drain the sugar with a fine cloth.
– In a bowl mix all ingredients.
– Divide in 6 ramekins, garnish with some pandan leaves on top.
– Steam for 45 minutes or until done. Don’t forget to wrap the top of the steamer with a clean cloth.
– Chilled in the refigerator, serve cold.

Ketan (Glutinous White Rice)

– 100 gr ketan
– 150 ml coconut milk
– Pinch of salt

– Soak ketan for at least 1 hour.
– Cook ketan with coconut milk and salt in low fire until ketan is done.

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