Why Whittycute?

Maybe some of you wonder why the name of this blog is whittycute? No, its not that because I’m witty nor cute(trying very hard though 😛 )
Well Whitty is the name of my cat back home. And since I think that he is cute so there you go whittycute. 🙂 See this is him when he was a kitten. Now he is 3 year-old cat. I miss him so much.

All members of my family always love cats, except my father. But one day we decided to have one to scare away the mice up in the ceiling. Only a little problem, my father had to agree with the cat that we chose because he only wanted a special cat…Hum we wondered what kind of a cat is that? So one day my father called home and said that he found a very nice little kitten. Hearing that my father actually said a nice little kitten and that he liked that kitten made us think that this kitten is indeed special. My father was in a reception building, helping his friend who was about to have the wedding reception of his daughter. FYI that building is the building where they had the trial of the first Bali bombing terrorist. So we said, bring him home. As the car pulled over the front yard, we saw a little white kitten with an orange tail and 3 orange spots sitting on the front passenger seat. We fell in love immediately.

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  • Floresiana Yasmin Indriasti

    ohohoho. my mom and sister love cat also. me and my brother, indifferent. dad, hate them.

    anw, i googled about lekker and the link to this page showed up.
    pernah bikin posting tentang lekker?

    *salam kenal!

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