Leftover Noodle Soup and Throw-any-leftover-in-the-fridge-stir-fry

Yesterday I still had some leftovers from the previous day. So for lunch I made this noodle soup from one package of Indomie (Indonesian must know this instant noodle), boiled in the leftover of bakso (oo wuppie there were still
two meatballs there), topped with the rest of the chicken wantan filling, sprinkled with spring onion and fried onion. Walah quick and tasty noodle soup. 🙂

Then for dinner I made what I called throw-any-leftover-in-the-fridge-stir-fry. Why? Well I used whatever I had in the fridge like tofu and tauge from the ketoprak yesterday. Added some chopped onion, green bean and tiny bit of mince meat. For the spices I also just used whatever in the cupboard; some crushed garlic, soy sauce, kecap manis, oyster sauce, sesame oil and some sprinkle of spring onion. The result?? Better ask my boyfriend about that. 😉

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