Happy Birthday Lusi

I know Lusi from the internet (friendster), I saw that she is also living in Holland. I contacted her and in the end we found out that
we got many mutual friends. She is a a very cheerful girl (kalo ga
mau dibilang c
erewet Lus :P) who always smile, laugh and has thousands of crazy stories and acts.

Last Saturday she celebrated her birthday party. Of course we didn’t let the chance to pass just like that. No we didn’t mean that we didn’t want to pass the chance to meet you Lus, but what we meant is we didn’t want to pass the chance to eat nice Indonesian food 😛 naah just kidding honey.

By the time we got there, there were already many people, Lusi’s host family, Olivia, Sarah and Marcel, Andri, Yaya, Rosa. Hesti was still picking up some friends at the train station. When all people has arrived, dinner started…yum…there were bakso and mie ayam pangsit as starter. As for the main course there were ayam kecap, rendang, acar, some stir fry vegetables, all were delicious. When I asked who cooked all the food, Lusi proudly say “of course it was us (meaning Lusi, Hesti, Olivia and Yaya) w ho cooked all these food, what do you think?” As I don’t really believe her words, (sorry girl bukannya meremehkan hehehe) so I asked Hesti again about the truth. Hesti said “of course it wasn’t us who cooked all these food, what do you think” hehehe it turned out a woman a friend of Lusi who cooked. 😛 Oalah Lus Lus….But nevertheless, your party was a great time with many good friends and new friends as well.

Anyway Happy Birthday Lus, was it 29th or 26th birthday. 😛 We wish you all the very best in life. Cepet dapet jodoh ya nak. 😛

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