Folkert and Ria Wedding Party

On Wednesday, 25th June 2008 we were invited to a friend’s Wedding. It was held in his parent’s house in Weert, Limburg. It was about 1.5 hours with the car. The groom is our dear friend Folkert and the bride name’s Ria. The party was outdoor of course since it’s still nice summer weather. All the guests were lovely, we were sitting in the garden, lots of drinks, nice conversations, lots of photo making in between of course 😉

This was my plate at the party…Hmm yummy Indonesian food. I chose white rice, nasi goreng, mackerel fish in hot sauce, tofu and vegetable, lumpia, perkedel, rendang and sapi in kecap sauce.

This is us in Indonesian costume theme 😛 Peter was wearing batik we bought in Bali last year and me was wearing kebaya from my graduation 2 years ago…lol

The rijsttafel or the buffet. Looks very inviting.

Folkert and Ria cutting their wedding cake. Gefeliciteerd for both of you and many many years of happiness together 🙂

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