One hour drive from Gouda, there’s a so-called former old Dutch fishing village named Volendam. Today this place is crammed with souvenirs shop, photos studios where you can get your pictures
taken wearing traditional Dutch clothes. But nevertheless it is a
nice place with harbour and many boats. If you feel like it you can also take a boat trip to a small island of Marken, it’s a museum-piece village where you can see how it is an old Dutch village were like in olden day. Besides those we can also find nice seafood here such as the famous Dutch Hering which is eaten raw with chopped onion, smoked eel and cod, calamari, fried fish and many more.

I found something interesting though can be counted as unimportant matter. 🙂 When we were browsing through the display windows of the photo studios we found many pictures of famous Indonesian artists such as Marissa Haque and Ikang Fawzi, Ruth Sahanaya, Joshua and his brother, Melly Manuhutu and even Kris Biantoro. We of course didn’t get any pictures taken as it was expensive (17 euro for 2 persons then 5 euro for every additional person) and a little bit “katrok” to our standard. 😛 Halah bilang aja gak punya duit. 😛

Stomach full of patat (Dutch french fries), poffertjes, smoked eel, ice cream. Cameras full of pictures, Hands full of bags of souvenirs (iya kan Dit??) Eyes refreshed with nice view. It’s time to go home.

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