Woa got back last nite from Paris. Was tired but very happy!!!! It was quite tiring as it was only four days full of activities, pretty much like a crash tour of Paris. But I have to say Paris was more than what I expected. I thought Paris was just Eiffel Tower and some old buildings but not, Paris was awesome. I’m afraid I was so overwhelmed by the ccharm of Paris I can’t really describe it here.

For four days I saw many faces of Paris, visited the famous Eiffel Tower of course then Montparnasse Building where we can see panoramic view of Paris from 56th floor terrace, Notre Dame Cathedral; I am sure all of you know this from that famous Disney movie, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Basilique du Sacré-Cœur (Basilica of the Sacred Heart); this is a a beautiful church up in the hill in fact this hill is the highest point in Paris, Centre Pompidou; we can find Museum of Modern Art and library here, St. Louis Church, Arch de Triomphe; A monument built to honours those who fought for France , Champs – Elysees; a famous street full of trendy and expensive boutiques, Anne Frank’s Park; not a very impressive park I must say, Jardin du Palais (Palace Royal Garden), St. Louis Church. Besides those I went to see a little cabaret show, done a boat trip around Seine river, strolling around Montmartre where they have cheap souvenirs shop (not cheap sidewalk cafe though I must warn you) and interesting street artist. We even went to Maincy to visit the Chateau Vaux le Vicomte, it’s a Chateau built in the 17th Century by a nobleman Fouquet.

In four days of course there are still many places that I missed though I am glad the bus passed it and we got the chance to see them and take pictures. Those are places like Les Invalides; the place where Napoleon was buried, The Louvre Museum; Monalisa is placed here, The Opera House, Orsay Museum and many more other places.

I highly recommended Paris as a holiday destination, have to see it at least once in a lifetime. But I am pretty sure I will come back someday as the legend believe, if you touch your feet at the point zero outside the Notre Dame Cathedral then you will definetely come back to Paris again. 🙂 😀

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