As we all know, August 17th is Indonesian Independence Day and this
year it’s
the 62nd. How did you celebrated that day? Especially to most of us who live outside Indonesia. Me and friends celebrated where else but at the Indonesian Embassy in Den Haag. The flag ceremony took place at the embassy but the celebration took place at the Sekolah Indonesia which is located very close to the embassy.. It started form 11.30 am – 7.00 pm. The place was so crowded, it seemed that all Indonesian in Holland were there.

What do you expect from this kind of celebration?? A stage with

Indonesian entertaiment; keroncong by Sundari Soekotjo, Dangdut (which was like usua
l the erotic type of dangdut), pop music from PPI (Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia) students, raffles with nice prizes (tiket mudik Amsterdam – Jakarta pp). But of course what we llike most was the food stalls which was full of all the nice foods whether heavy food to fill empty tummy like nasi timbel, nasi rames, nasi gudeg, soto ayam, sate ayam, sate dan gule kambing, sate padang or if you just fancy some light food like bakso, mie ayam, siomay, batagor,, pempek palembang. There were also lots of Indonesian snacks like lumpia, lemper, soes, panada, pisang goreng, rujak( I even saw one stall with a huge pestle and mortar to make fresh rujak). All were ready to satisfy your craving of real Indonesian food that taste just like back home.

Happy Birthday Indonesia, we all hope that we can be better.

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