Meet My Friends

Upon my visit back home to Indonesia in the midst of sadness after losing my father I did meet friends. Some of those friends were my fellow Indonesian food blogger whom I never even met before. In Surabaya I met mbak Rachmah, mbak Lia, mbak Tjita, Ces , May and Deetha. Deetha was actully living in Semarang, but she came especially to Surabaya to meet me, ohh how sweet. I also accidentally met Widya, Bu Fat and Riana in Surabaya while I was browsing in a baking supply shop and they were giving baking lesson at the very shop. Then in Jakarta I met Yulia (complete with Kintan and Kinar), Yuli, mbak Ienas, mbak Vania (complete with Patrick and Patricia). Back to Bali I also met the very founder of KBB mbak Arfi (complete with the whole family), then I also briefly met Angel (the lapis legit was really good tapi huaa poto kita  nggak sengaja ke delete di harddisk). Though we never met but it was like we have known for years, maybe that’s because we shared the same passion and though we never seen each other face to face but we did interact online whether it’s through our blog, chat or facebook. Oh not forgetting that there was also Haley from Solo whom I didn’t meet because obviously I didn’t go to Solo but she sent me a package of traditional krupuk from her city, terimakasih ya jeng.

Now all their faces are not just merely  pretty food pictures they have taken or the beautifully written blog post they have written but they were real person I met in real world. I was honored to have met them in person all the talented Indonesian homemaker, baker, food photographer. I was also touched by all the gestures that my fellow food blogger have made, the effort to spare their time to accompany me, hopefully we would meet again some other time. Who knows it could be in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali or even in Holland. ^_^

Photo Courtesy of Rachmah Setyawati

@Surabaya With Mbak Rachmah, Deetha and Ces.

@Jakarta With Mbak Ienas, Yuli, Mbak Vania, Yulia and Baby Kinar.

@Bali With Ben, Mbak Arfi, Sarah and Mbak Lenny Pande.

@Surabaya With Tasya, Mae, Ces, My Aunt and who’s that guy on the right 😉

@Surabaya Mbak Rachmah, Mbak Lia, Mbak Tjita

@Surabaya With Riana and Bu Fat.

@Surabaya With Bu Fat and Widya

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