Italy Venice-Florence-Pisa-Milan-Verona

Finally we are back home after 10 days on the road. It was good to be away but it is always better to go home 🙂

Quick recap from our holiday. As you can see from the image below is our route for 10 days.

Day 1, 4th August 2008 : Gouda, Netherlands – Munchen, Germany
Day 2, 5th August 2008 : Munchen, Germany – Venice, Italy
Day 3-4, 6-7th August 2008 : Sightseeing in Venice
Day 5, 8th August 2008 : Venice, Italy – Florence, Italy also a little bit sightseeing in Florence
Day 6, 9th August 2008 : Sightseeing in Florence
Day 7, 10th August 2008 : Florence, Italy – Milan, Italy. Stopped by for sightseeing in Pisa
Day 8, 11st August 2008 : Sightseeing in Milan
Day 9, 12nd August 2008 : Milan, Italy – Munchen, Germany. Stopped by for sightseeing in
Day 10, 13rd August 2008 : Munchen, Germany – Gouda, Netherlands

The plus of Italy:
– Nice food of course esp. Italian Ice Cream (gelati).
– Nice weather though sometimes tend to be too hot :s
– Lots of interesting places to see (esp. if you like history of art, middle ages, renaissance etc).
– Cheaper benzine price from Netherlands 😀

The minus of Italy:
– NOT very friendly people on earth, tend to be grumpy 🙁 in the whole holidays only met 2 nice Italians.
– Some stuff can be really expensive in Italy esp. in tourist area ie; 20 euro for a 24 hours public transport ticket in Venice.

Will post more for pictures etc.

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