Hotel New York, Rotterdam

For my farewell, my host family took me to dinner at Hotel New York Rotterdam. It is located nearby the Maas riverAs the history says, this place was the place where all the Dutch got off the ship to emigrate to New York, USA. Now it’s a hip hotel and a restaurant. The interior design of the restaurant was a modern industrial look, high ceiling, mix and match tables and chairs and the most interesting part was there was actually a ship inside this restaurant.

For appetizer I had fried squid with tartar sauce. I thought the portion would be just an appetizer portion but no it was enormous but as much as I love eating it i couldn’t finish it. I had to stop or otherwise I couldn’t eat the main course anymore. The squid was soft and not rubbery. The tartar sauce was also good.

Then after waiting for an eternity…ok this is a bit exxagerated, but it was true that we had to wait at least an hour for the main course. It seems that this place is so popular and crowded, service tend to be a bit slow. Finally my main course arrived. I had fried mackerel with provencale vegetables and rice. The taste was okay though not as much as I would expected, maybe because I was already half full from the fried squid. 😉
Overall it’s a nice place to be seen and see people.

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