Day 7 Florence, Italy – Milan, Italy. Stopped by for sightseeing in Pisa 10th August 2008

On the way to Milan we stopped by in Pisa to see the famous leaning tower. Pisa was just a small town with what else the Pisa tower. If you came with the car you could park it just outside the Pisa tower and go there on foot.

Was it really leaning?? Yes it was.

Of course you don’t let chance to be narsis just passed away like that lol.

This is animals in our camping site in Milan. We found many more animals there, rabbit, goat, chicken, duck, turkey. It seems that the owner were fond of them or he wanted to make a zoo. But it was a nice camping site, green and cool under trees. The camping name was Campeggio Citta di Milano. Situated a bit outside of the city center but you could reach the city center easily with the car or public transport (bus then metro)

Our first meal in Milan, ok it didn’t look that appetizing but it was an ok camping food. It was tuna with beans, all from cans. Sort of chili con carne.. NOT. We ate it with instant mashed potato.

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