Day 5 Venice, Italy – Florence, Italy 8th August 2008

Our camping under the olive tree. That was the first time I ever seen Olive tree. It was a quiet nice camping in olive garden. The facilities were just the same like others but no free electricity except you have those huge extension plug because that’s what they have outside. But instead they have locker for charging your digicam, mobile etc. So for 1 euro you can charge an item for 12 hours.

Our dinner that night. Instant mashed potato modified with saus sambal biar rasanya lebih nendang hihi, canned peas and carrot, and canned knack worst. Easy peasy camping food 😛

This is Florence city as seen from the Piazza Michelangelo . The big dome is Florence Duomo, the biggest cathedral in Florence. Stunning isn’t it.

More to the left of the duomo is this view. The first bridge that you can see there is Ponte Vecchio. Is one of it’s kind because there are not many left since German bombed other bridges in WW II. Why it’s special because they use it for shopping arcade. Now it’s full with gold shop, also one of Florence’s speciality. But in the olden days it was full with butcher selling meat and by the end of the day they just throw away the leftover meat down the river…Euh…

This is Piazza Michelangelo, it’s really close by our camping site. It’s situated up the hill so you can see the whole Florence from this place. It’s actually not far from the city, only 20mins walk. Going to the city is ok as it’s going down the hill BUT going back is a challenge because then you have to go up the hill…. :S

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