Day 3-4 Venice 6-7th August 2008

And this is Venice, beautiful isn’t it. This is situated at Venice’s Grand Canal, the biggest canal in Venice. Mind you Venice is built from 117 islands so the city looks like as if it’s floating on the sea which is really pretty 🙂Really nothing like it in any other places in the world.

Yes this is the famous Gondola but didn’t have the chance to experience it because it is so damn expensive; 80-100euro/40 mins. Well you can fill the gondola up to 6 persons but there were only the two of us so no romantic gondola rides along the canals 😛

Can u see there where those buildings stand. It’s right besides the water no space left!! It’s crazy yet astonishing at the same time.

We had dinner at this restaurant by the canal, what was the name of the restaurant, had to look up the name later. But it was close by to Rialto bridge. It wasn’t not that expensive as we thought it would be, of course you have to watch where you eat in Italy as this is not a cheap country. It was less than 50euro for 2 persons including drinks and it was 3 course meals.

Venice by night nearby Rialto bridge. This is the right time to get gondola rides as it is more romantic but also more expensive lol. Will never forget the charm of Venice with it’s beach, beautiful city, lots of pretty old buildings. When will I see you again?? Maybe when we win the lottery then we can go back for gondola rides 😛

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