Day 2 Munchen, Germany – Venice, Italy 5th August 2008

Day 2, another 600km to go before Venice. We drove through Austria (Insbruk). What I liked along the way from was the castle. There were so many castles along the way, I lost count of them. And most of them stand graciously up the hill πŸ™‚ I wonder how did it feel to live there and how did they manage to build such a castle in a such a difficult height.
But what I didn’t really like along the way was we had to pay highway fare in Austria and Italy. Unlike in Holland and Germany where the highway fare is included in the tax.

Along the Alpen’s hill were also lots and lots of grape’s garden. I guess it is for making wine since Italian wine is quiet popular esp. Chianti and Prosecco kind. The gardens are neatly laid under the hill like a terrace. So if in Indonesia we can find rice terrace here in Italy we can see grape’s terrace.
The view along the way was also breath taking. The high mountains Alps with all the cute little village lined up neatly on it’s hill. I felt out of this world because I have never seen anything like that. But as cute as it was I don’t think I could survive if I had to live there :s in a village esp. remote one…..
Our first dinner was this ready made pasta package. So what we had to do was boiled some water, poured the pasta in and it’s ready in 5 mins. It’s similar like our instant noodles.

And this was our camping site in Venice, Joker Camping Village. It wasn’t really our first pick but since our first pick was full, yes it was high season and we didn’t bother to book the place πŸ™ I would say for a 4 star camping village this place is a bit tad expensive (35 euro for a night for 2 adults with a car and a tent) and very lack of hospitality esp. from an old lady at the receptionist. She was grumpy, talking in a high pitch and wouldn’t give any full information about stuff that we asked. And the camping place was not very green, a bit dusty also. The grass was dying out, I know that it is situated on the beach but come on….keep up the grass for the business will ya!!

But of course there are some plus point. They had a swimmimg pool that guest can use for free. But of course we didn’t have time to use the swimming pool since we were busy roaming around the city centre the whole day long. Another plus point that they had a common freezer for guest to use. So if you need to re-freeze your ice packs for your coolbox you can use it there for free. We used it to cool our drinks at night so ot would be nice for the day after. Other plus point that in every camping place there was an electric socket that guest could use to recharge digital camera or if you have an electric coolbox you could switch it there also. As for showers thank God they didn’t use coin system so you could shower as long as you like. Then again as for hyegine I would give them ok sign because I have seen worst later.

And the best part is this private beach of the camping site. It’s just 100m walk to the back of the camping site. Of course it was really crowded with people trying to get a tan but what surprised me that the water was warm just llike in Bali πŸ™‚

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