Sugar Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Finally I made this…….ok ok I know Christmas is over but that doesn’t mean you can’t make anymore cookies does it??

These cookies were easy to make just make sure you rest them overnight in the fridge and not just 1-2 hours as I found that 1-2 hours weren’t enough. The dough was still soft and not firm enough. But the next day it was fine, it didn’t stick on the surface or the rolling pin. Just make sure also that you flour the surface and rolling pin 🙂

As for the royal icing, I did as the recipe plus I added 1 tsp vinegar because as I read it somewhere it would make the icing harden faster. And also after finishing with decorating, put the cookies back to the oven in low heat (80C) for some minutes to dry the icing and also to kill the bacteria in the egg whites.

The verdict was this is a definitely a keeper recipe. The cookies weren’t too sweet and the royal icing with it’s sweetness compliment the taste of the cookies. As for the texture they were just as described at the website melt-in-your-mouth delicious…….hmmm one is never enough!!

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Royal Icing

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