Strawberry Orange Trifle

Ever had an urge to bake something but couldn’t find a nice recipe that fits your desire? Well I had that this Friday night. At first wanted to make sponge cake then black forest cake. Spent 2 hours browsing still no recipe’s caught my mind yet. Oooo time is running late…So decided to make something simple that required no baking at all but still satisfy my needs of baking…Halah bahasane opo iki ra ngerti wis 😛

I made up this recipe. A cross between tiramisu, no bake cheese cake and triffle. Why? Because I want to finish up the cream cheese and whipped cream in the fridge. The cream cheese was from making cream cheese frosting for cupcake and the whipped cream was from making Japanese cheese cake. As you know we cant keep them long after opening the package.

Strawberry Orange Triffle

– 1/2 pack lady finger or sponge cake
– 1 cup coffee
– 3 tbs orange liquor such as grand marnier or cointreau
– 2 tsp sugar
– 250ml whipped cream
– 125 gr cream cheese
– 50 gr icing sugar
– 1 can mandarine orange
– 250 gr strawberry

– Arrange half lady fingers in a bottom of a flat deep dish.
– Mixed well coffee with liquor and sugar.
– Sprinkle half of the coffee mixture on lady fingers.
– Whipped cream and add cream cheese and icing sugar
– Spread half whipped cream mixture on top of lady finger
– Arrange mandarine orange on top of whipped cream
– Repeat this one more time
– Last arrange strawberry on top

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