Prol Tape Singkong (Indonesian Fermented Cassava Cake)

I always have something that I wanted to make after looking at Deetha’s blog….like this one also. I clicked to the recipe source, oh it was from a real cake seller, Jeng Melanie. Then it must be good 🙂 Hmm the taste was just very typical Indonesian cake, rich or legit in Indonesian. Thanks Jeng Mel for sharing the recipe.

Prol Tape Singkong

The original recipe called for shredded cheese, so feel free to add it if you prefer.

– 100 gr margarine, melted
– 200 gr sugar (I used 80 gr)
– 4 eggs
– 50 ml coconut milk
– 500 gr fermented cassava, pound until smooth
– 100 gr flour

– Whisk egg and sugar until light and fluffy.
– Slow the mixer speed into 1, add fermented cassava, coconut milk and flour. Mix well.
– Add melted margarine, mix well.
– Pour into a a prepared baking pan, bake in a pre warmed oven 160C until done.

Source: Melanie’s Blog

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