Pesta Bakso

Two friends came this Saturday to visit me. One is Hanna who lives in Hamburg, Germany and the other one is Hanna’s friend Isma who is currently studying master in Delft. So I made lontong bakso again hahaha…..but we Indonesian always loved bakso and my bet right. They loved the bakso. Hanna even had 2.5 bowls if you don’t want to say it 3 bowls eh 😉

They said serasa makan di warung aja, there were also tempe mendoan, pangsit goreng, tahu goreng, tahu rebus, pangsit rebus and es sirup 🙂 So girls don’t forget to count how many tempe mendoan you had for the kassa later 😛

But stupidly forgot to take pictures of the bakso…saking enaknya…kikiki…

Do not hesitate to come again girls 🙂

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