Kue Lupis Gagal

I remember my mother always buy this in the market whenever she goes there. Then we could eat this for breakfast hmm yum 🙂 Then I found an instant ketan lupis at the toko aha I could make it myself too. It should be easy just boil it in water approx 1 hours…but hiks my lupis turned out to be really soggy and not solid at all…what did I do wrong?? Search Mr. Google for the recipe..aha it turned out I had to use kapur sirih to make the lupis solid…halah halah makanya kalo mau bikin sesuatu liat-liat dulu kaleee

But I still managed to eat it anyway with grated coconut and palm sugar syrup. Oh for the coconut I used dried coconut that I dissolved with warm water. The taste wasn’t dissapointing at all. Cukuplah untuk ngobatin rasa kangen ama jajan pasar.

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