Kue Lapis Surabaya Cover Fondant (Surabaya Layer Cake with Fondant Cover)

Kue Lapis Surabaya Cover Fondant

I was craving badly, I mean really badly for kue lapis Surabaya. I missed the moist soft texture of the cake, the everything….I’m speechless. But one thing that made me wouldn’t make my own cake was the baking pan. Original recipe called for 3 square baking pan, then you assembled the cake to make the layer. Not that I didn’t want to buy a square pan but they cost each at least 10E here…sigh..But since I couldn’t handle my craving anymore I had to find a way to make it with only one pan.

I came accross Ning Rachmah site and found a yummy looking Kue Lapis Surabaya. And as she is a real cake seller (not like me πŸ˜› ) I completely trusted her recipe. But wait what to do since I had only 1 pan. After thinking hard for 2 days, no just kidding :p I decided to make the recipe 2/3 then cut it in half to make the layer.

Then what was that with the fondant cover? Was I trying to do something silly like humiliating myself with cake decorating which I know I couldn’t do well. I’ve always wanted to learn fondant but haven’t got the time (sok sibuk) but now since I got nothing to do I could have time to learn a thing or two about fondant. Ooh there’s a silver lining after all for being jobless :p Oh and to make my learning process goes smoothly (not that I ‘m a fast learner either πŸ˜› ) I also joined Creative with Fondant, a forum founded by Indonesians real tukang kue πŸ˜€

There’s not much I can’t tell you about the fondant. I made it with just rolling pin and Wilton cookie cutter. I also bought ready made rolled fondant but there was no purple color. Since I wanted to participate also in MFM2 and this month’s theme was Nuansa Ungu, I had to color my own fondant with Wilton icing color. And you could see my amateur hand, the purple color was not spread evenly!!! Oh…

2/3 recipe

– 20 egg yolk (yes you read it right I didn’t type it wrong)
– 4 egg white
– 160 gr sugar
– 10 gr emulsifier
– 110 flour
– 30 gr coffee creamer
– 15 gr cornstarch
– 200 gr butter melted
– 1 tsp vanilla essence
– Blueberry jam

– Beat the egg and sugar on high speed with electric mixer until sugar has dissolved. Add emulsifier, beat shortly, slow the speed add dry ingredients, turn the speed high again. Continue beating until batter is thick.
– Turn off the mixer, add melted butter, mix well. Add vanilla essence and mix well.
– Pour batter in a greased and floured 24cm square baking pan. Bake in 160C oven for 35-40min or until toothpick inserted to the cake come clean.
– When the cake is done, take the cake out from the baking pan, cool in a cooling rack.
– When it’s cold, divide cake into two and spread blueberry jam on both sides of the cake. Stick them together again to make layer. Carve the outside part of the cake as needed.

Source: Rachmah Setyawati

10 comments to Kue Lapis Surabaya Cover Fondant (Surabaya Layer Cake with Fondant Cover)

  • Rita

    mau rur…. wah itu udah ok untuk seorang pemula kaya kamu rur…. banyak latihan deh pasti tambah ok rur

  • Kedai Rachmah

    Cakenya terlihat lembut , decor yg pake pita aku suka, manis. Tp lebih suka lagi yg pake R…wakkakakkk, sounds like my name..hihiihiThank U Rurie udah cobain resep ini.

  • Vania

    **20 egg yolk (yes you read it right I didn’t type it wrong)**aku gak nahan ketawa baca kalimat ini ha..ha..ha.. Mengerikan banget yak, hoaah kolesterol.Anyway, decornya lucu kog Rur. Keren!

  • Chera

    Weisss cantik cantik …. aku mau disuruh nyicipiiinnnn heheheheh … soale aku lagi males bin capek bikin kue hahahah

  • deeTha

    ayem kaming… meh njupuk kue jatahku πŸ˜€ sg pita yo?

  • sefa firdaus

    hebat-hebat… pemula aja gini, gimana nanti kalo udah naik kelas Rie*bravo*

  • dessy indriani

    siip rur..yg kado pita tuk daku ya..terima kasih…muahhh..muahhh… πŸ˜€

  • Retno Prihadana

    Asiikkk aku kebagian juga ya Rur, pan sesama “R”…hiyaaa…

  • Rurie

    @Rita: makasih Rit, berkat bantuanmu hehe.@Rachmah: emang u ning kan itu πŸ˜‰@Vania: wkwk sekali2 bolehlah mb. Van, daripada sakaw kan susye..@Chera: kamu mah udah jagooo.@Deetha: jupuken silakan.@Sefa: naik kelas berapa Fa…yah tapi potonya gak naik2 kelas… :((@Dessy: sip bungkus Des.@Retno: silakan mb. Ret πŸ˜‰

  • Elsye

    gue cuma bisa gigit jari secara bikin fondant susahhh..nah dikau mah canggih…:D..pengennnn

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