Happy Birthday Ruud

Happy Birthday Ruud!!! lang zal hij leven, lang zal hij leven, lang zal hij leven in de gloria!!!! Bagi yang di Indo, nyanyiin lagunya musiknya sama dengan lagu panjang umurnya…. It’s funny huh that those two songs have the same music. Now who’s stealing from who?? 😉

For Ruud’s B’day party I made this cupcake. Since he is a football fan and computer freak so this is my interpretation of things related to him. And pleeeaseee people do not laugh seeing my cupcake!! Gw kan cuma pembuat cupcake jadi2an kekeke :p Cupcakes on top were suppose to look like football 😛 then the other two were suppose to resemble grass and football. But since I couldn’t find chocolate balls that looks exactly like football so I made do with those silver balls. Then the cupcakes in the bottom are supposed to look like laptop, @ sign and Mac Apple sign. All the drawings in the cupcakes are made by my personal artist 🙂Some girls from the party. From left to right; Sarah, Ruud’s mother, Olivia, Me, Lusi, Dina

My plate at the party. Rendang was made by me 🙂 using secret recipe….hahaha devil-laugh-mode-on. Then there were mie goreng, perkedel and sate ayam. Surprisingly all made by Olivia and Ruud. Hey Liv I thought you said you couldn’t cook!!! You could after all. Only the cap cay was from the local Chinese Restaurant.

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