Goodbye Putu……………..

Our friend Putu is going home this Friday to Bali. So her host family organized a surprise farewell party. We got there at 2.30pm but Putu was not there yet because she and an appointed friend was still out of the house. By 3pm finally they arrived and she was in for a big surprised. A nice surprised indeed. And as expected there were some tears but lots more of laughter. Goodbye Putu, heel veel success and I’m sure we will meet again either here or in Bali….or other places, you never know where the winds bring you. 🙂

From left; Putu from Tilburg, Yeni, Putu who is going home, Me, Eni

And of course it wouldn’t be complete without my cupcake, the wannabe cupcake maker 😛 Ok people now don’t laugh….I couldn’t draw at all!!! So I appointed my very own artist aka Peter to do the drawing. The far right in the corner was meant to be suitcase if you guys are trying really hard to think what picture is that :p and in the bottom is a plane…yes it is a plane. While the two flags are supposed to represent Dutch and Indonesian flag :p

2 comments to Goodbye Putu……………..

  • I Nengah

    So nice of you….I am really proud of you for a very special cupcake for putu’s farewell party, apparently deliciouses, I want to have one…..can I ??just joke, but it was so nice of you, as her boyfriend I want to thanking you for your thoughtful present, she’ll never forget that.and also I want to say thank you for your kind to be her friend, she can’t make it without you and some other friends.well, that’s all many greetings from BaliNengah

  • Rurie

    Hi Nengah…Thank you for the nice comment 🙂Of course you can have one cupcake if ever you are around Holland.You must be very happy that Putu is coming home to Bali this weekend.Well like they say friends are everything esp. if you are in a faraway country….far from your family… 🙂

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