Fruit Cupcake

Today to raise the occasion that we have a new cat, I made a special cupcake. Naah that is just nonsense, I have made a plan to make this cupcake last week because I just bought this on ebay.12-piece cupcake decorating set from wilton 😀 😀
it contains 8 disposable decorating bags, tip 1 M, 22, 12, 8 and 230.

Then for the recipe I used chocolate cupcake from this book.Cupcakes by Sue McMahon.

As for the baking cups I used a nice cu
p that I bought in ebay. They
look similar like that nice cup at cup
cake momma. I tried and tried to find the very same stuff but unfortunately nobody sells that online :s

And here is the result. I am very happy with the 1 M tip, the recipe it’s very moist in the inside and the baking cup is also nice 🙂 For the topping I used normal buttercream and summer fruit; strawberry taken from my own little strawbrery bush, fresh cherry and mandarine orange.

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