Espresso Brownies

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They say always use the best quality cooking chocolate you can afford to achieve the best result in making brownies. But the thing is dark cooking chocolate here is so darn expensive and I tried couple of times making brownies with a really good brand like Callebaut and Lindt but why oh why I found they were too bitter to my taste buds. Was it just me or what? I used to use Colatta dark cooking chocolate back home and it was totally fine. It seems that dark cooking chocolate here contains more cocoa than back home? Anyone got answer? I guess I’m just so used to product I used back home that when I got the chance to use other type of product my tongue refused it 😛 But hey that’s also okay, it means I didn’t have to break the bank just to make a loaf of brownies.
Oh and for your information this brownies I made with supermarket brand milk cooking chocolate, precisely the
Albert Heijn (AH) merk. AH you should thank me for a free commercial 😛 The price was lets say 1/4 of the branded chocolate but it was better for my taste buds.

Verdict: one of the best brownies I made ever. Thanks to Ning Rachmah for sharing the recipe.

Espresso Brownies

– 230 gr good quality plain chocolate melted(I used AH milk chocolate)
– 115 gr butter
– 300 gr caster sugar (I used 250gr)

– 5 large free range eggs, lightly beaten
– 4 tablespoons, strong espresso coffee, room temperature (I used 8 tbs)
– 70 gr plain flour
– 70 gr cocoa powder, plus extra for dusting

– Beat butter and sugar until smooth.

– Whisked eggs lightly just until they are well mixed, add whipped butter and sugar with the eggs. Mix well, add espresso coffee.
– Sieve dry ingredients; flour and cocoa powder. Add into the batter, mix well.

– Add melted cooking chocolate, mix well.
– Grease a square baking pan 20x20x4cm with butter and lightly dust with cocoa powder.
– Pour batter and bake in preheated oven 160Celcius for 35-45 minutes until brownies in done.

Source: Brownies by Linda Collister through Rachmah Setyawati

3 comments to Espresso Brownies

  • Mochachocolata Rita

    aduh ayune rie…coklate kethok gelap banget (senenganku)…ngko tak contek resepe yo….

  • MiNDY

    duh nyoklat bener tuh brownies-nya. gw kangen bikin brownies tapi lagi ga ada butter disini. secara menurut gw the best quality butter n dark choco yg bikin brownies itu tob markotob. dirimu pake yg brp persen?

  • Lidia Sianturi

    loh sidane submit iki? ra sido gawe bumbon neh?

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