Cheesy Brownies

Many moons ago when I was still studying and living in Indonesia, I used to sell these brownies to earn some pocket money. That brownies was just a simple one without the cream cheese topping. The recipe of this brownies is a mix of many recipes which I modified to my taste and need. Now I share this recipe with you.


– 3 eggs

– 150gr sugar

– 125gr unsalted butter

– 250gr dark cooking chocolate

– 85gr all purpose flour

– 35gr chocolate powder

– 15gr milk powder (optional)

– 1/2tsp vanilla extract

– 1 pack (185gr) cream cheese

– 1 egg yellow



– turn the oven on 160c.

– mix cream cheese with egg yellow, set aside.

– melt butter and dark cooking chocolate in a double boiler.

– with hand whisker, combine egg and sugar just until they become thick.

– add flour, chocolate powder, milk powder, vanilla extract and butter and chocolate mixture.

– pour the batter into square baking tin that has been greased evenly.

– pour the cream cheese mixture and lightly mix the batter with fork.

– bake for approximately 30-40 minutes.



– to yield a moist brownies don’t overbake, take the brownies out of the oven even when there is still slightly batter stick to the cake tester.

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