Tuna Salad

It’s summer and what’s more nicer than a light summer salad to accompany the warm day. I got this recipe from Aller Hande, it’s a free magazine from Albert Heijn, a big chain of supermarket in Holland. And of course with my own modification with what I have in the kitchen 🙂

For 2 persons

– 2 eggs boiled and sliced

– 2 potatoes boiled and sliced

– 1 red onion in ring (I used white onion)
– a handful of green beans boiled
– 1 tomatoes sliced

– 1 tuna steak baked (didn’t have it so I used tuna in a can instead)
– Black olive without pit (didn’t have it)
– Capers (didn’t have it either)

Salad dressing:
– Juice from 1 lemon

– 3 tbs olive oil

– Salt
– Pepper

– Mix all the ingredients for dressing nicely.
– Arrange salad in a plate.
– Pour dressing over.

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