Two days before I went here, I had dinner with a friend in a new Japanese restaurant in Renon, Denpasar. The restaurant called Izakawa Ueno. Overall it was a good value restaurant seeing from the quality of the food and price. 🙂 Would definitely go back there again. But now I’m not going to discuss further about that restaurant but about the effect that restaurant (Japanese food) has on me.

After visiting that restaurant I have been longing again for sushi. And since Ive been wanting to try to make it so there I put my best effort to make it. Of course I didn’t make the raw fish sushi, I left that to the expert since it’s not easy to make food from raw stuff or to find the source of the raw stuff. I also think the sushi that I made weren’t the usual sushi, I just use whatever I had in the kitchen such as; tofu, shrimp, ham, caviar, beef floss (abon) and even salami. 🙂 I read somewhere that there’s no limit for sushi filling and you can use whatever you fancy. I’m quite happy with the result, just as delicious as those I had at the restaurant with the fraction of the price. Plus it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.

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