Ikan Goreng Balado

I bought 2 mackerel this weekend. One is reserved for making mpek mpek and the other one don’t know for what. I filleted both of the fish so it’s easier for a bule to eat 😉 Decided to make balado because it’s easy peasy since I was also making mpek mpek which I never made before so had to make a fast dish for dinner.

– 1 fish marinade for some minutes with lemon/lime juice and salt. Then fried

– 4 shallots
– 3 garlic
– 3 red chili
– 1 big tomato
– 2 bird’s eye chili (more if you like, this is for a bule so not too hot 😉 )
– 1/2 tsp sugar
– 1/2 tsp salt

– Crush all the sambal ingredients with pestle and mortar or food proccessor for lazy people like me. 😛
– Fry in little bit oil until done.
– Spread over fish

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