Be Tongkol Mesambel Matah (Balinese Fried Tuna with Raw Sambal)

This dish is typical Balinese dish, it’s so full of flavour and real good to eat with steamed white rice.

Be Tongkol Goreng Mesambel Matah

For 4-6 people

– 500gr tuna fillet
– 6 tbs vegetable oil
– 150 gr sambal matah
– Freshly ground black pepper

For the marinade:
– 5 candlenuts
– 1 tsp dried shrimp paste
– 2 sp sugar
– 4 cm fresh ginger, peeled and finely chopped
– 1 tsp tamarind pulp

– To make the marinade, use a pestle and mortar to pound the candlenuts, shrimp paste and sugar to a fine paste.
– Add the ginger and tamarind, pound again to a paste.
– Add the tuna to the marinade and leave to soak up the flavours about 15 minutes. Remove the tuna.
– Heat the oil in a wok and fry the tuna quickly on each side until golden. Remove the fish from the wok and mix it with the sambal matah and black pepper.
– Serve with steamed white rice.

Source: The Bali Cookbook by Lonny Gerungan

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