Lumpia Semarang

Actually I have made this 2 weeks ago but last week the mascot of this blog aka Whitty the cat dropped the external disk and the poor thing broke. Ah well maybe it’s Whit’s age, he is so restless thesedays, running here and there, bullying the other cat Romy. So back to my lumpia, I have taken the pictures but haven’t back it up to my Apple Mac, so there I lost the whole set. But nevertheless I don’t mind making this again because they tasted really good.
Deeth, here is your lumpia πŸ™‚

Lumpia Semarang

Mine yield 10 pieces of lumpia πŸ˜€


– Ready made lumpia skin
– White egg to fold the lumpia later (I only used water)
– Oil for deep frying

– 350 gr bamboo shoots finely sliced (I used 1 can of 225gr)
150 gr minced shrimp or chicken (I used minced beef)
– 30 gr dried shrimp
– 5 garlic mashed
– 2 spring onion finely sliced
– 2 tbs sweet soy sauce
– 1 tbs oyster sauce
– 1 egg lightly beaten
– Salt and pepper
– 150 ml shrimp or chicken broth
– Little bit of oil for frying (me)

Directions for the filling:
– Fry garlic until it’s fragrant.
– Add shrimp (me: beef) and dried shrimp, stir until they turns color.
– Add bamboo shoots and spring onion, stir until they are done.
– Add beaten egg and continue stirring.
– Add sweet soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt and pepper stir throughly.
– Add broth, cook until spices and broth has evaporated and done.

Directions for the lumpia:
– Take one piece of lumpia skin, fill with the filling.
– Fold the lumpia skin as you would fold an envelope, closed the lumpia with white egg (me: water)
– Deep fry lumpia in hot oil until golden brown.
– Serve with the sauce (I didn’t make Deetha’s sauce as here you can easily buy lumpia sauce in a bottle πŸ˜‰ )

Source: Deetha’s Blog

4 comments to Lumpia Semarang

  • Indonesia-Eats

    Last month, I made lumpia in a healthier way by not using deep fry. Just pan-fried until both side hard enough then throw them to the oven and bake πŸ˜€Means… used smaller amount of oil

  • - Voyages et Balades -

    akhirnya metu juga lumpiane iki…iku mbok taleni nganggo kucai barang, niat banget…..

  • A.G

    udah beli yg asline kmrn di Mataram wkt mudik.. luarang 1 biji 8000 πŸ˜›SB om Oggixmu error lg twuh.. males aku ngisi SBmu.. oggix emang srg eror.. πŸ™ ganti ma shoutbox dwung yg lbh gmpng πŸ˜€ hehehe

  • Rurie

    @ Pepi: Good idea! I will try it next time πŸ™‚@ Deetha: kekeke iyo niat bgt, ga onok kerjaan…iku duduk kucai (neng kene ga onok kucai) iku bawang prei aku gunting tipis (halah kok niat bgt :P)@Ayin: Iyah tar aku ganti…lupa2 mulu… sabar….Iyo larang pisan iku lumpia 8000 :s

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