Kripik Ayam

In Bali this is a real popular snack…I’m not sure in other part of Indonesia 🙂 It is usually eaten as it is or also lekker eaten with rujak kuah pindang..mmm I start to drool now. We call it kripik ayam or kripik beton. The latter one is called beton I think because it’s so damn hard like beton. Though weirdly eventhough it’s so hard it’s very addictive to eat.

Of course here I can’t find this anywhere so I ended up making this according to my own imagination 🙂 I didn’t making the beton type (I suppose it’s so hard because they only use rice flour) but I just make the normal kripik ayam.

– 200 gr minced chicken
– 200 gr rice flour
– 50 gr flour
– 4 garlic mashed
– 1 tsp salt
– 1 tsp pepper

– Mix all ingredients either by hand or by bread mixer (I used bread machine and it turned out ok) until it forms a ball dough.
– Flatten the dough either using a rolling pin or pasta maker (I used pasta maker on the biggest size).
– Shape as you like and deep fry until golden brown.
– Nice to eat with saus sambal.

2 comments to Kripik Ayam

  • PennyLane

    hey, very interesting this is! TFS.AKu subscribe ke blogmu ya.Btw, kamu cantik!

  • Rurie

    WAH aku dapet komen dari suhu para food blogger… senangnya 🙂 makasih Mbak…aku salah satu penggemar lo 😀

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