Corn Dogs

I’ve always been fascinated with this snack since forever. I think that’s because I grew up watching American tv shows and there you could see corn dog being eaten at a fun fair for example. But life gets in the way and I completely forgot about my corndog fascination until…this recipe showed up on my facebook timeline. It’s a recipe from my beloved friend Mbak Rachmah. I read the recipe it turned out to be dead easy. So here it is. Thank you for the recipe Mbak R.

Corn Dogs

– 85gr cornmeal
– 75gr all purpose flour
– 3gr baking powder
– 3gr salt
– 1gr sugar
– 1gr chicken powder (if you like it)
– 120ml milk
– 50ml heavy cream (I only had whole milk so I used 170ml milk)
– 1 medium sized egg
– 1 can chicken sausage
– Oil for deep frying

– Pour milk & heavy cream into a mixing bowl, add egg and mix well.
– Add all dry ingredients, mix well.
– Heat oil in a deep pan.
– Stick sausage with satay stick, dip it in the flour mixture, fry in medium fire until golden brown.
– Serve with mayonaise, ketchup or sambal sauce.

Source: Rachmah Setyawati

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