Bubur Ayam (Chicken Porridge)

Had a craving to eat village food (makanan kampung) kekeke…kalo diterjemahin kok jadi aneh kedengerannya ya.

Anyway I decided to make bubur ayam. Not exactly the same like what mother makes with kuah opor ayam :s I got no time for that. So this is my own version of bubur ayam.

Ingredients; for 3-4 persons
– 2 cups of rice
– 1 chicken leg
– 1 salam leaves
– 2 garlic smashed
– 1 spring onions sliced
– salt
– pepper
– 3 litres of water

– sambal
– kecap manis
– kecap asin
– spring onion
– wantan skins fried
– emping
– 2 boiled eggs
– krupuk rambak (enak juga pake ginian 🙂 ) –> this is krupuk made of cow’s or pork’s skin

– Boil chicken leg in 3 litres of water along with smashed garlic, salt, pepper and spring onions until the chicken is done
– Take 2 litres of chicken broth anf boil this with the rice to make porridge
– Add salam leaves to the rice
– Stir now and then until the desired consistency (approx 1 hour)
– Take the chicken leg out and shred the meat
– Serve porridge with the chicken broth and all condiments

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