Bento #5 Ham and Peas Fried Rice and Perkedel Jagung

Today’s bento; ham and peas fried rice and perkedel jagung dicetak pake cetakan cookie….tapi rada2 gosong :'( karena ditinggal chatting kekeke

Here I post the perkedel jagung recipe from my own imagination kekeke (berusaha nginget2 resep ibu dirumah seh)
– 2 corn cob/1 can corn
– 1 shallot slices
– 1 garlic slices
– 1 egg
– 1 spring onion
– salt
– pepper

– Crushed the corn with food processer.
– Add all ingredients and mix nicely.
– Fry until golden brown.

Then on the snackie box; mandarine orange, bun with cream cheese and choco sprinkle filling, mini donut and mini white chocolate cup.A

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