I love bakso!! But then again ask Indonesian, who doesn’t love bakso. If they say they don’t then I have to ask them again whether they are real Indonesian or not :p

But I can’t make my own meat balls :(( but they say “many roads to Rome” kekeke kok kalo diterjemahin ke bahasa Inggris jadi aneh ya :p So I bought pre-made meat balls and make the soup myself. Recipe is from my father back home who also a big fan of bakso.

Feel free to add tahu goreng, tahu rebus, pangsit goreng, pangsit rebus just don’t add chocolate sprinkles then I don’t think it would match. lol

Recipe for the bakso soup:
– 1 beef bone preferably knee bone
– 5 garlic, smashed
– salt and pepper as desired
– spring onion sliced

– Boil bone with garlic, salt and pepper approximately 3 hours!!! The longer the better.
– Add spring onion.
– Serve with meat balls, tahu goreng, anything you fancy.
– Sprinkle with spring onion and fried onion.
– Add sambal and kecap manis as desired.

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