My first Bento

Looking at those bento mothers made for their children made me wanted to make the them as well. But I got no children…then what am I gonna do?? sobs….then eh I got no children but I got someone who goes to office everyday…hihihi… here we are…Thank you schatie for being my loyal food guinea pig :p

The mie goreng was leftover from mie ayam for dinner without the broth of course. Then I made a heart omelette and rolled omelette with salad leaves. The heart shape was from a heart cookie cutter. Stupid me of course forgot to put some oil onto the cookie cutter so I had some trouble getting the omelette out of the cutter :p

As for the snack box I had; 1 plum, 2 butter cookies, 3 candies (people here adult or children love these kind of soft candies) and 1 piece of cake.

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