Italian Dinner

Came back from Italy with lots of kind of pasta, so Italian dinner party is a must! Invited Peter’s parents and there were also some friends (Eni and Hesti) at home this weekend because we wanted to celebrate Agustusan together at the Indonesian Embassy.

The menu were:
Appetizer; tapenade of sweet chili pepper filled with cream cheese, pesto tapenade and black and green olives. Those were eaten with sort of Italian biscuit with olive oil taste…heerlijk. Sorry no photos of these…they were too nice we forgot to take pictures lol.
Main Course; Pasta Bolognese, Salad ala Caprese, Green Salad and Ciabatta Bread
Dessert; Eggless Tiramisu

The table with pasta and the bolognese sauce.

The Eggless Tiramisu…..the best tiramisu ever!!!! If you are wondering about the roses in the pink water. It’s easy to make yet looks so pretty. Cut the stem of the rose. Colored the water with some food coloring and put the rose in.

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