French toast anyone?

Grey Monday morning, as always!!! Why I say as always. I have been marking the days in the past couple of months and I noticed that Monday and Tuesday are always bad!! Like if in the weekend weather was great, or at least okay, then Monday and Tuesday are always rainy and cold! Just like today…what kind of a phenomenon is this??

Anyway, woke up early this morning, couldn’t go back to sleep. Thinking what should I eat (also as always 😉 ). There’s still some nasi goreng in the fridge, I think I’m going to have that later. But let me show you what I made on Saturday morning. I know a bit late to show it now, but better late than never 😀 It’s F rench toast. I remember when I was a little girl, my American foster grandmother was the one who introduced me with French toast. Me and my siblings usually spent weekend at her place and she would make nice warm French toast for breakfast. At the time, I thought how fascinating that one can eat bread in a such way. And being American she loved to eat French toast with maple syrup. But since no maple syrup was available in the kitchen I just used honey, also equally yummy. Humm French toast, reminds me of my childhood memory 🙂

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