Egg Pesto Foccacia Sandwich

What a stupid me, finally I got the chance to take pictures with natural light….but I forgot to change the white balance… they are all turned out with blue cast on the white surface. And I didn’t realize it until I opened it on the computer…hiks……Was impossible to take another pictures of course since the sandwiches were long gone…..hihihi. So forgive me with this blueish photo…I did try really hard to make them not so blue anymore.

As for why I made this sandwich….classic reasons just because it was for free. It came in the kerstpakket (Christmas package) from mas Bule’s office. The theme of this year’s package was Italy it seems, as all the foods and utensils in the package all smells Italian. There were one set of salad bowl complete with it’s fork and spoon, a huge grill (to make panini I suspect), panini cook book, tissue, salad kit, red wine, amaretto, biscotti, sun dried tomato, coffee, olive oil, brie cheese and foccacia.

But I didn’t regret making this sandwich as I love Italian bread because to me they are tastier than normal bread…..maybe because of the olive oil in the bread (note to self: find that out).

Egg Pesto Foccacia Sandwich

For 2 persons

– 1 ready made foccacia bread, heat up according to the package
– 2 eggs boiled and sliced
– Some slices of brie
– 2 tbs of green pesto
– 2 tbs olive oil
– Handful of rucola mix salad
– Salt
– Pepper

– Cut foccacia as you like.
– Spread little bit of olive oil and pesto on the bread.
– Arrange eggs (sprinkle with salt and pepper), rucola and brie in the bread.

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