Tumis Tempe Cabe (Stir Fried Tempe with Chili)

When I was still living in Indonesia, I didn’t really see tempe as a special food, just another source of protein that I could eat everyday for really cheap price. But now, because it’s not everyday I could eat tempe, I savor every bite of it including this dish.

Tumis Tempe Cabe

For 4 persons

– 1 block of tempe, diced, fry until half done
– 10 shallots, sliced
– 4 garlic, sliced
– 5 greed chili, sliced
– 5 red chili, sliced
– 1 tomato, diced
– 1 salam leaf
– 1 cm galangal
– 1 tbs oyster sauce
– 1/2 tbs kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce)
– 1/2 tbs Indonesian palm sugar
– 1-2 tsp tamarind water
– Salt

– Stir fry shallot and garlic in little bit of oil until fragrant.
– Add galangal and salam leaf, continue stirring.
– Add tempe, stir throughly.
– Add tomato, oyster sauce, kecap manis, tamarind water, Indonesian palm sugar and salt.
– Continue cooking until water has ecaporated, adjust the taste.
– Add red and green chili.
– Continue cooking just until the chilies are slightly wilted.
– Serve with hot steamed white rice.

Source: Herti Kitchen Gallery

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