Sate Kambing Madura (Maduranese Mutton Satay)

I was drooling over sate kambing pictures at Deetha’s blog, and was constantly thinking about it and that was also because we were talking about it nonstop at the YM. I have to say I was close to dream about it at night! Which mean I have to make it, otherwise I go crazy.

I smsed my mother asking for the recipe as there was no recipe at Deetha. My mother gave me the usual sate kambing recipe and also another recipe which she says was Maduranese from my father. The difference between the usual recipe and Maduranese recipe was that you just need to add little bit of petis (shrimp paste) in the spice mix. The verdict was that the petis gave a different tang of taste on the spice but I still also like the usual spice mix.

Sate Kambing


– 500gr mutton cubed
– 3 garlic mashed
– Kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce)
– Kecap asin (soy sauce)
– Petis (optional)

– Mix all ingredients in a bowl and marinade for couple of hours.
– Arrange the meat in a sate skewer (3 meats in one skewer).
– Grill sate until done.

Sambal Kecap
– 3 shallots, diced
– Kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce)
– Kecap asin (soy sauce)
– Juice of 1 lime
– 3 bird’s eye chili chopped (less or more according to your taste buds)
– Petis (optional)

– Mix all ingredients in a bowl

I serve my sate kambing with sambal kecap, lontong (wrapped rice) and tongseng kambing.

Source: My mother

3 comments to Sate Kambing Madura (Maduranese Mutton Satay)

  • Liz Love

    Saya senang sekali bahwa anda punya informasi tentang sate kambing! Sebelum, saya tinggal di Indonesia, tetapi saya suda kembali ke Kanada. I have been craving sate kambing and soto ayam since I got back…I can’t wait to try your recipes! (Forgive my terrible Indonesian…I was never very good, and I’ve already forgotten some, but it’s good to practice!)Liz

  • Rurie

    Hi Liz,glad you like my recipe, come back for more and I think your Indonesian is perfect 🙂

  • Silvia

    Salam kenal Rurie! Ini sate kambing mu bikin aku lapar, pantas suamiku bilang aku tukang makan. Aku maunya yg kambing benaran seperti di Indo atau Malaysia, sayang disini [US], aku cuma bisa dapat mutton. Daging kambing lebih enak ja? Thanx ya buat resepinya. Must try. I like your blog too!

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