Bento #2 Nasi Goreng

Found some funny punchers in Blokker…Yuhuu then I could make some nori accessories :D:D

My second attempt at making bento. This time it’s nasi goreng with “cow’s eye egg” aka telor mata sapi, chicken nugget, tomatoes. And for snack box; ready made cupcake but I put some icing and streusel on it 🙂 raisin biscuit, plum, Japanese rice crackers that Peter got from his friend in Japan and some ting ting jahe.

Down side, I hate night time, there’s no good natural lighting. Lighting with the lamps arent bad bad!!! (read: I’m just an amateur not a pro 😛 ) So sorry people enjoy this yellowish picture. Any suggestions on how using lamps as lighting are more than welcome 🙂

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