(MasBar) Pisang Rai (Balinese Boiled Banana with Grated Coconut)

When I was making the batter for this dish yesterday, Masbul thought immediately whether I was making pisang goreng (fried banana). The batter for this dish was indeed similar with the one for pisang goreng but instead of frying the batter, we boiled it. This dish is not as popular as it’s fried version, I suppose Indonesians prefer fried snack than boiled. It’s too bad since I find it’s as nice as pisang goreng while being not too heavy and greasy but nevertheless Masbul made a point after having tasted this dish that he prefered pisang goreng than this one. *Sigh

Pisang Rai

For 2 portions:

– 1 banana (if you could grab plantain, that’s even better)

– 75 gr rice flour

– 100-150ml water

– Some drops of pandan essence

– 1 pandan leaf

– Steamed grated coconut (I used instant grated coconut)

– Pinch of salt


– Cut banana into bite size pieces. Mix rice flour, salt, pandan essence and water into thick consistency.

– Coat banana generously with the batter, meanwhile boil a pan of water with the pandan leaf.

– When the water has boiled, dip the banana batter and boil with low fire for approximately 10 minutes.

– Drain  with slotted spoon and served with steamed grated coconut.

Pisang Rai

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