(Masbar) Crisp Spinach Tart

Everytime I found a recipe that I thought was interesting and worth to try I always always managed to change them whether it’s slightly or radically. Like this recipe, it supposed to contain squash served on the side but since I was not a fan of squash and lazy to do it I just omitted it. Besides that there were also some other ingredients that I replaced with something else or completely removed. For the original recipe, just click on the link.

But all in all my “creativity” paid off, an easy quick yet satisfying meal. And since the food didn’t look that bad to look at, I thought we could also take it to a party or pot luck party, therefore this is my contribution for this month’s Masbar, a virtual pot luck party for Indonesian food blogger. If you would like to join us, do click here

Crisp Spinach Tart


– 3 eggs, beaten
– 250g tub ricotta (I used garlic cream cheese)
– 200g frozen leaf spinach , defrosted, squeezed dry and chopped
– 1 spring onion , finely sliced
– ½ a 145g tub fresh basil pesto
– ½ a 240g pack SunBlush tomatoes in oil, roughly chopped (omitted)
– 270g pack filo pastry
– knob of butter , melted

– Mix together the eggs and ricotta (garlic cream cheese), then add the spinach, spring onion and pesto.
– Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4. Unwrap the pastry and cover with a just-damp piece of kitchen paper.

– Brush the butter mixture over 1 sheet of pastry, then place in a 23cm tart tin. Brush another piece of pastry with butter and place slightly further around the tin. Keep brushing and lining the tin (keeping the pastry covered when not using) until you have used up the pack and the tin is completely covered. Trim away any pastry overhanging the edges of the tin, then bake for 5-10 mins until starting to crisp. Spoon the spinach mixture into the tin and scatter with the tomatoes. Cook for 20-25 mins moreuntil the tart is set.


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