(Masbar) Bento

Huhuhu….nowadays it seem’s that my food blog only up and about when there’s foodie blogger event such as this one Masbar. Please laziness, get away from me……

Talking about bento, I used to post many bentos like ages ago. I do still make them daily but not these cutey bento so don’t bothered to take pictures anymore. So I dig really deep into my bento making kit box and glad that I still found nori and the egg moulder.


Let’s see what I have here for my simple bento; steamed rice with cat shape (Romy and Whitty indeed), boiled egg with the shape of fish, 2 tomatoes, sliced spring onion. Hmm I think my bento was lacked of greenery aka salad leaves etc, but sob sob I didn’t have it on my hand.

Then on the other box I have; some strawberries, pandan chiffon cake and choux pastry covered in chocolate. Hmm yummy.

Moga postingan ini cukup berkenan buat ibu2 masbar berhubung postingannya sederhana banget…..hihi.

Diptych Bento

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