KBB#22 - Croquembouche (Made in Indonesia with Spun Sugar)

Upon reading this month’s challenge my mind wandered to one particular series, Desperate Housewives. There was this particular episode where Bree van de Kamp couldn’t perform the making of spun sugar for her croquembouche. With that thought I cringe, if the domestic goddess Mrs. van de Kamp couldn’t make it then what about me? But it wouldn’t be KBB if not without challenge. Though I only tried it once, that after looking at tips and tricks from my fellow KBB’ers, I have to say was way far than perfect but I’m glad I did try it and BRAVO KBB.  Recipe for the Choux Pastry with Custard Filling can be found here

Spun Sugar


– 100 gr sugar

– 1 tsp water

– Heat sugar with water in a sauce pan in a lowest fire possible, use the smallest hob you have.

– Don’t stir with spoon etc just shake the handle now and then

– Heat through until caramelized, take off from the fire and let it cool down for some minutes.

– Take two chopsticks, sticks your caramel on the edge. Stick the two chopsticks together and take them apart from each other, by now your spun sugar should be ready to be rolled around your choux pastry.

– Repeat until you are satisfied with the result.

– For the top decoration, lay a piece of baking paper on the counter, use a fork/spoon to make pattern of your choice.

– Let it cool for couple of minutes and ready to be used.

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