KBB #20 : Bangket (Indonesian Traditional Cookie)

This traditional Indonesian cookie was unheard of until now 🙂 our online baking club decided to showcase this kept treasure to the rest of the world, and that we do together with other online club NCC. Having never heard nor tasted the cookie I couldn’t imagine what the taste would like though I have heard from other friends who have tried it that it was indeed a melt-in-your-mouth kinda cookie. I was intriqued, so here we are my first bangket.

I did add more butter (didn’t have margarine so I used butter) to the dough as my dough didn’t hold itself. It was more like a heap of flour I couldn’t mold at all. At. All. After adding more butter it was allright. Friends in Indonesia used special mold for this but I didn’t have any. Though in Holland we do have the same type of mold for making speculaas, but it’s ok I didn’t have it so instead I used mini muffin silicon mold. It worked perfectly fine. Later that night some friends came over and tasted the cookies. They say the cookies looked like candy but tasted like cookies.

Bangket Susu

Bangket Susu (Milk Bangket)


– 500 gr tapioca flour

– 100 gr margarine (I used butter and added some more later on)

– 150 gr powder sugar (was way too sweet for my own tastebuds, will reduce later)

– 75 gr condensed milk

– 2 pandan leaves


– Pan broil the flour with pandan leaves until light, set aside to cold.

– Mix everything by hand

– Mold with kue satu mold (speculaas mold)

– Bake with low fire (140 C) approx 10-15 minutes

– Move cookies when it’s cold.

– This cookies are very fragile, arrange them in the tin and don’t move it around anymore unless you’re going to eat it 😉

Source: Nadrah Shahab

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