Black Forest Cake : Celebration Cake

Black forest cake has been one of my favourite cake since forever. I remember when I was small, my adopted American grandmother would some times treat us to a special 5 star hotel bakery. Occasion like that didn’t come often, only came with birthday or special celebration. Back then the tasted resembled nothing I ever had, you could taste chocolate, cherry, sweet rhum all at the same time. Not forgetting the pretty presentation. There we were, in our best clothes at a 5 star hotel surrounded by ‘high class’ baked goods, everything looked nice and classy and we felt very special that day. A sweet memory that I still cherish until now.

Now I am able to make my own I don’t forget about this cake, it is still my favourite and this time I made it specially for Masbar‘s 3rd birthday and my very own blog 4th birthday. Happy birthday to both of us!


Recipe: do click here.

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